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Company Profile

Floral City Water Association Incorporated was formed by the people of the Floral City community in 1969. We initially had 250 members served by a single 4″ well. We are overseen by a seven member non-compensated Board of Directors and are staffed by seven employees. We take pride in that we have efficiently operated this member owned utility for over 47 years and through our member’s conservation efforts, we have the lowest per capita usage of any water utility in Citrus County.    We currently have 58 miles of distribution line and supply the majority of the water needs for the Floral City town area, Floral City Elementary School, Withlapopka Island, Duval Island, and many outlying areas. Water is provided by groundwater at our facility located on Stage Coach Trail. Our second facility, built in 1984, was unfortunately shut down in 2005 as a result of high organic content in the source water which leads to the creation of TriHaloMethanes. It remains for use only in emergency situations which would threaten the integrity of our system.